KentBW650Mr. James has been interested in solar and other types of energy projects since being a boy growing up in Colorado.  After graduating college with an energy focused Bachelor of Science degree he started his career installing residential solar and back up battery systems long before they were in vogue.  In 2007, Mr. James came back to the energy business with a focus on solar as the market was just starting to grow to its current state.  Since that time he has been actively involved in all aspects of solar projects from execution to finance and been responsible for delivering over $200 million in successful solar projects. 

He has served in various executive roles and has a unique understanding of all the various aspects of getting solar deals negotiated, built and financed. As Executive Vice President of NEP Mr. James is responsible for driving sales and strategy to grow NEP as well as ensuring that all of our clients are provided with the best energy project support available in the market today. Mr. James lives in Denver with his young son and spends his time playing golf, fly fishing, hiking and generally enjoying all that Colorado has to offer.